For Suppliers

Empower your business with improved cash flow, flexibility, and efficient access to payments. Enables yourself to maintain control over business operations, seize growth opportunities, and effectively manage accounts receivable.

Business Continuity

You rely on your buyers to consistently pay on time, in full, and error free but how often do they really do all three?

Improved Cash Flow

YoFinvoice provides immediate access to a significant portion of accounts receivable value, improving cash flow for ongoing operations, growth opportunities, and unforeseen expenses

Focus on Core Operations

By outsourcing payments management and collection to YoFinvoice, you can now concentrate more on core operations, enhancing competitiveness


Easy Access

Experience freedom from bureaucracy and embrace a customer-centric approach to payments with YoFinvoice.


Get payments based on cash flow needs, allowing quick response to market changes without waiting for full payment cycles.

Off Balance Sheet Payments

YoFinvoice is not a debt-based solution, strengthening financial position without additional debt or ownership dilution.

Reduce Risk

The failure of your key buyers can have a serious impact on your bottom line and business continuity.

Reduced Bad Debt Risk

YoFinvoice secures payments, minimizing the risk of bad debts and ensuring business continuity.

Peace of Mind

By joining YoFinvoice you will be able to gain peace of mind knowing that your business is more secure than it was yesterday!


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What our customers are saying

Clinton Kimaita

Gashtar Ltd

“YoFinvoice has helped us streamline our cash flow by speeding up the pending payments thereby reducing the days and interest incurred on outstanding balances as well as providing the capital needed to grow the business. This has helped build strong customer loyalty with our clients. YoFinvoice is a thumbs up for me.”

Kevin Kimari


“YoFinvoice have greatly assisted in that I can now my plan my cash requirements more efficiently and in time. Also in the expansion of the business as I have the opportunity on increasing on the fleet, having the safety of timely payments one can plan effectively.  I am a happy customer and looking forward to continuing this strong relationship we have formed”

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