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What team members are saying

Barry Osewe

Product Manager

I joined YoFinvoice in July 2022 as a Technical Product Manager, and I've experienced an incredible journey of growth and fulfillment ever since. The company's culture encourages collaboration and creativity, making it a happy place to work. YoFinvoice's commitment to innovation and excellence has empowered me to take on challenging projects and expand my skills. The open communication and diverse perspectives within the team have contributed to both professional and personal growth. What sets YoFinvoice apart is the celebration of creativity. From brainstorming sessions to design thinking workshops, the company nurtures an environment where fresh ideas thrive.

Antony Macharia

Business Manager

Since becoming a part of the YoFinvoice in July 2022 as the Business Manager for YoFinvoice, I've been immersed in an environment that values innovation and teamwork above all else. The culture of collaborative ideation and the freedom to bring ideas to life have been instrumental in our journey to revolutionize supply chain financing. YoFinvoice stands apart by encouraging personal and professional growth. The company's unwavering support and encouragement have empowered me to grow my skills and experience, not only as a Business Manager but also as an innovator. Knowing that my ideas are valued and that I have the freedom to explore innovative approaches has been incredibly rewarding. I am proud to be part of a team that not only embraces teamwork but also nurtures individual growth, leading us to build a brighter future for the Fintech industry.

Current Positions

Rapid expansion continues at YoFinvoice, as under-served SMEs seek financing solutions to manage significant macroeconomic and supply chain disruption

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