About YoFinvoice

“Payments Made Easy”

We are a team of entrepreneurs, working to enable our fellow entrepreneurs to reach their full potential! For us everyday is a Day Zero. Everyday poses unique challenges that we enjoy finding solutions for. This is how we are approaching this new opportunity in “simplifying the payments” space.

Why YoFinvoice?

Our entire business model is tailored around ensuring the ultimate customer experience.

Based on our team’s wide exposure and multi domain experience, we understand that irrespective of business size or domain, African entrepreneurs are struggling with that same ad hoc, unstructured, tedious and costly process of financing from traditional institutions. YoFinvoice is here to change the status quo and bring disruption to these old age institutions to benefit African entrepreneurs by providing access to easy and affordable

working capital.

Our goal is to free entrepreneurs from the enormous efforts of managing today, and put more focus more on what tomorrow could be!


We foster collaboration between buyers, suppliers, and financial institutions, offering better financing solutions and strengthening the ecosystem.

Digital, Paperless Process

Enjoy a completely digital and paperless financing journey, saving you time and eliminating paperwork hassles.

Empowering Success

YoFinvoice is your growth partner, passionate about supporting African entrepreneurship and driving economic development. Choose us to fuel your journey towards success.

Here to serve you

At YoFinvoice, we are dedicated to serving our customers and prioritizing their needs. We understand that each customer is unique and we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success, always putting our customers first and working tirelessly to meet their needs.


Metrics – 

Customer Satisfaction

Vision & Mission


A world where Africa is the provider for all. We want to build a more resilient and self-sustaining Africa


To provide technology which simplifies business processes in order to help African businesses scale and become more efficient

We are Hiring!

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