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By utilizing our service as a strategic payment tool, you can optimize your cash flow in and out and ensure stability across their supply chains.

Securing Supply Chains

You rely on your suppliers to provide you with a steady flow of goods and services to keep your business up and running. Yet, many suppliers today continue to find it difficult to secure the payments they need to fund their capital requirements. The simple fact is that the failure of just one of your key suppliers can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

Keep Supply Chains Moving

Ensure a stable supply chain by providing timely payments to suppliers, reducing the risk of disruptions.

Strengthen Relationships

Strengthen partnerships by improving suppliers & cash flow, reducing credit dependence, and enhancing collaboration.


Streamline Processes

Work smarter not harder by allowing YoFinvoice to assist with critical business processes

Cash Flow

Optimize cash flow by leveraging invoice discounting to manage payments to suppliers and receive cash from customers.

Accounts Management

In the new era of technology we look in the future with certainty and pride, that’s why so.

Additional Benefits

How else does YoFinvoice help?

Access to Alternative Payments

Gain access to an additional payment option which is off balance sheet, to support business growth and overcome any business challenges.

Peace of Mind

By joining YoFinvoice you will be able to gain peace of mind knowing that your business is more secure than it was yesterday!


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Bidco Africa

YoFinvoice's service has been invaluable in helping our suppliers manage their cash flow effectively, ensuring they have the necessary resources to continue delivering high-quality goods and services to Bidco Africa.

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